producing construction of the highest standards, within budget and on time



Transforming your dream home into a reality

Whether it is for a family home or a large scale development, armata are able to meet any of your requirements. We provide the solutions for the design and build of all new -properties.

At armata we understand the complexities of any construction. We encourage our clients to participate in the development process as much or as little as they would like. Through vital communication and by making the whole process of your development transparent, from cost to build, we are able to minimise stress to you the client.

By combining intuitive project management and using the most reliable, highly skilled and experienced subcontractors, armata can create the perfect building experience.

To discuss a project with us please call 0845 057 3414.

Armata: [ahr-mah-tuh] adj.(n).. 1. The ability to produce construction of the highest standards within budget and on time through vital communication and intuitive project management.

New Homes

Armata specialise in the building of new homes. Drawing from a wealth of knowledge and experience Armata can provide all of the resources to allow your dream home, or homes, to become a reality.

Full Renovation

Armata offer all services for full renovations.

As a niche home builder we are committed to providing an exceptional level of customer service by adapting our comprehensive range of resources to meet all of your requirements.

Basement Construction

With ground space often a limiting factor, armata has now become an authority in basement construction.




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