Foundations for New Apartments

The photos below show the process we went through to create foundations for the new apartments we are building. An amount of groundwork preparation and levelling was already complete.

Using laser levelling equipment with satellite and GPS coordinates, the setting out engineer moves around the site setting or marking out where foundations will need to go.

With the setting out engineer complete, the site now has pins with green caps and blue spray markings to identify where we need to excavate.

Two pictures below:

Left picture - the arm of a Komatu PC138 digger, begins excavation. Right picture - the Kubota U48 uses a hydraulic breaker to break through old footings. The digger is then able to excavate as required.

This photo shows many excavations complete.

Some areas of the foundations require steel mesh due to high sand content in the ground. The steel mesh provides reinforcement in the concrete.

The concrete lorry feeds a concrete pump, and the concrete is poured around in to the trenches which have been dug for footings.

The final photo shows the new concrete footings, which will cure and then be strong and ready to support block work which will follow. The foundations are now ready for a new apartment building.

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